Museum publishing

Keep a memory of the exhibitions? Go deeper into the heart of current affairs? Take a foray into the collections or behind the scenes?

Nourished by the desire to disseminate beyond its walls and to keep track of the work and meetings, the Museum occasionally publishes temporary exhibitions, over the programs or news of the collections and research.

A beautiful illustrated book to extend your visit to the temporary exhibition and discover exclusively behind the scenes of its creation. Mobilizing knowledge and multiple experiences, each exhibition is a scientific, technical and human adventure, which deserves to be shared, preserved and illustrated! By bringing the exhibition and the backstage of its creation to life, the “ExpoVerso” collection offers a scripted and updated reading of a theme while giving the floor to scientists and professionals, through interviews and richly illustrated reports. Something to satisfy amateurs and the curious and, why not? arouse some vocations…

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couverture du livre de l'expo Sex Appeal

Sex appeal, la scandaleuse vie de la nature

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Momies – Corps préservés, corps éternels

OKA Amazonie – Paroles d’une forêt habitée

île de Pâques – Le nombril du monde

Designed around the theme of the season, Vox Muséum sheds light, deepens and puts current issues between science and society into perspective. At the heart of the concerns of our time and unpublished subjects, it challenges us thanks to the testimonies and reflections of researchers, artists and professionals from all disciplines! Find in each issue material to think about in the recurring sections: The great interview, gallery, portraits of yesterday and today, in the collections, the round table, Vox has read and seen for you…

Beautiful books accompanying the reopening and the first major exhibitions of the Museum, or works outside the collections published or co-published on the occasion of remarkable events, these publications constitute precious testimonies between history, creation and research. And may be able to take you on very natural journeys.

Eugène Trutat – Savant et Photographe

Le Muséum de Toulouse et l’invention de la préhistoire

Malbreil – voyage dans les collections, carnet pictural

Muséum de Toulouse: des aventuriers pour la science

L’ABC du Muséum

Toulouse la nature au coin de ma rue

Magies ? Le coffret de l’exposition

Small guide for a free visit to the permanent exhibition or post-visit in-depth guides, these booklets in a practical and accessible format have been produced by the multidisciplinary team of volunteers from the Museum with the aim of transmitting up-to-date knowledge in the different areas covered in the exhibitions.

La terre d’hier à aujourd’hui

Le Muséum de Toulouse s’ouvre à vous . . .

Regards sur le vivant

A monographic series about the collections of the Museum, launched on the occasion of the refoundation of the establishment in 2008. It offers the possibility of discovering little-known sets from complementary sources: unpublished or out-of-print objects and graphic works can thus be looked at. In enriched readings, specialists in various scientific fields, artists and writers come together around a common project within a beautiful editorial object.

La girafe – un curieux mammifère venu d’Abyssinie

Rapa Nui – L’île de Pâques de Pierre Loti

Ours des cavernes