Mobile phone visits

Discover the Museum with your smartphone!

In the permanent exhibition, the botanical garden or the Gardens of the Museum at Borderouge, find your way around each object or follow a themed guided tour. The choice is yours, once you’re there.

How does it work?

You can access it in a matter of seconds. There’s no application to download.

It’s very simple: you come to the museum and connect to the local WIFI (which is not Internet WIFI) called VISITE MUSEUM MOBILE. Depending on your smartphone, you’ll automatically be directed to the VISIT home page, otherwise you’ll just have to enter in your browser. And off you go!

Good to know:

  • Your headphones can be useful for enjoying video and audio.
  • 18 Ipads can be borrowed free of charge from reception
  • With WIFI activated, we advise you to deactivate 4G/5G.

I pick out what interests me

Enhance your visit to the permanent exhibition by discovering the little stories behind more than 60 objects in the collection. Texts, audios, archive images, filmed interviews, pick and choose only what interests you!
Available in French, English and Spanish
➔ Listening time: 5 min to 2 h

Follow the red thread

A trail of 28 points of interest that reveals the common thread running through the permanent exhibition, the key objects not to be missed and gives you the keys to understanding some scientific concepts.
Available in French, English, Spanish and LSF
➔ Listening time: 1 h