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Several sites, one single Museum

Toulouse Museum is one of the most important and most visited scientific cultural establishments in France. It is a source of information and debate dedicated to the relationship between – Man, Nature and the Environment – through the theme “Sciences and Conscience of the Living World”.

Located in the heart of Toulouse, next to the Jardin des Plantes garden, the “historical” Museum stretches over an area of 6,000m² and offers visitors an ambitious museoggraphic approach that gives the 8,000 objects on show* a dreamlike vision.
*2.5 million objects in the reserve collections

The Henri Gaussen Botanical Garden presents over 2,500 species, including 1,300 in greenhouses.

The Museum Gardens in Borderouge: nature in all of it’s forms

Around the Maourine lake, this 3-hectare space invites you to a surprising meeting with nature in an urban environment. In these protected surroundings, living with the rhythm of the seasons, nature unweils itself in all of it’s forms: wild or controlled.

It’s within these two magnificent sites that we offer you spaces available for privatization for your events. From meetings (rooms accommodating from 10 to 40 people) to conferences, seminars, team-building events, gala dinners or receptions, we have a number of different spaces available to ensure your event takes place in a unique setting in Toulouse.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to visit the premises.

At Museum :

photo auditorium
Crédit : Christian Nitard, Muséum de Toulouse

A prized platform for gatherings and exchanges of people from multiple networks.

Replacing the former Museum amphitheatre, a modern auditorium with a capacity
of 186 seats is now available and can be booked for private functions ranging
from scientific conferences to seminars and various symposiums.

photo espace grand carrée du muséum
Crédit : Lydie Lecarpentier, Muséum de Toulouse

A prestigious emblem of Toulouse’s history.

The Toulouse Natural History Museum presents its collections on the site of the former
Carmelite convent (Couvent des Carmes Deschaussés). Its entrance hall, known as the
Grand Carré, constitutes a prestigious setting steeped in history: the perfect backdrop
for your gala dinners, cocktail parties and other professional receptions.

photo salle rongeur et carnivore
Crédit : Muséum de Toulouse

A flexible and well-equipped space.

To organize group work sessions.
Suitable for seminars, trainings, commissions and other types of meetings
the Rodents & carnivores room is adapted to accommodate your projects.
Sized for staff of 18 to 32 people, depending on the desired configuration, it will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

photo museum de nuit
Crédit : Christian Nitard, Muséum de Toulouse

Organize your private visites to the Museum for your employees. Guided or not, we offer to welcome you from 6:30 p.m. for unforgettable visits.


A Classy robbery.

The famous thief Adèle Ludin has entered the Museum several times. Her back-and-forth trips were spotted by staff who contacted the M.U.S.É.E (Best Special Unit: Erudit
Investigators) police department to come to his aid. According to one of her indicators, she intends to return tonight. But what is she looking for? The director and the curator are very worried, especially since she is known to be very clever

To find out more, find our privatization file for the Museum below.

At Museum gardens :

photo de l'esplanade
Crédit : Muséum de Toulouse

Open door to the awakening of the senses and tocontemplation.

The view of “The vegetable gardens of the World”, makes it the ideal place to organize
gala dinners, cocktail parties, and other professional receptions. Its charm and the
immersion in nature that it offers to your guests will contribute to the success of your

photo de l'ombrière
Crédit : Muséum de Toulouse

Haven of peace at the origin of a visual and sensory microclimate.

Place of transition between the irban space and its gardens, the shadehouse and its trellis at 8 meters high is the ideal place for gala dinners, cocktail parties, and other extraordinary professional receptions.
Sizes for 50 to 150 persons, depending on the desired configuration, it will undoubtedly meet your exeptations.

Crédit : Muséum de Toulouse

A modular and well-equipped space, in a nature setting, to organize group
work sessions.

Suitable for seminars, training commissions and other types of meetings, the “Salle Découverte” is adapted to accommodate your projects.
For 25 to 50 people, depending on the desired configuration, it will undoubtedly meet you expectations.


photo salle exposition
Crédit : Muséum de Toulouse

An atypical and modular sapce, to organize group work sessions.

Its first vocation? Host thematic eshibitions consistent with the objectives and orientations of the Museum. Also, the Exhibition room offers a pleasant, serene and flexible setting to best support your projects.

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