The Gardens of the Museum in Borderouge


A living museum in the heart of the city

Stroll under the shadehouse of the sustainable building, put your hands on the soil of the vegetable gardens of the world, meddle under the wild reeds of the forgotten path… listen, observe, breathe, taste nature…

The Gardens of the Museum are a unique place in Toulouse. Around the Maourine pond and in the heart of the Borderouge district, the Gardens of the Museum are for everyone, young and old, enlightened amateurs or neophytes, a place of discovery and astonishment.

The visit begins under the large shade house, a place of transition between the urban space and the Gardens. Under this wooden trellis 8 meters high, the light is softened, the temperature is cooler, the air is more humid… a haven of peace in summer enchanted by birds and the sound of water… an environment too favorable for the aquatic plants of the basin and the rocks…

The building was designed according to high environmental quality standards.


Nearly 700 varieties of food plants, fruits or vegetables, are grown and exhibited in the Vegetable Gardens of the World.

Among them are rare plants, amazing plants: discover, among others, witch’s claws, elephant’s head amaranth, snake gourd, sponge gourd…

Thematic gardens complete them:

  • that of Bacchus presents plants used in the manufacture of alcohol,
  • the garden of aromatics and scents awakens the senses,
  • the square of the tropics is organized around the waterfall,
  • the sweets garden brings together the fruits and plants from which jams, syrups, fruit jellies are made…

Imagine a preserved natural space, with an area of 3 hectares, in the center of Toulouse, in the heart of the Maourine park: this is the forgotten path!

At the heart of the Forgotten Path, the reed bed (a reed-covered pond) is a rare and protected space. It allows the animals, and in particular the birds that inhabit it, thanks to the density of its flora, to protect themselves from predators, to feed themselves, and also to nest there to raise their young.

In order to preserve the tranquility of the place, this space can only be discovered accompanied by a mediator, during organized visits.


An educational hive has been installed in the Gardens of the Museum. She is home to a swarm of bees. The educational hive is the opportunity to observe bees up close and in complete safety behind thick glass. On the last Sunday of each month, the beekeeper will be present to explain the functioning of the hive, the life of the bees, the making of honey… and their importance in our ecosystem.

Included in the admission price.

Guided tours of the Museum Gardens in Borderouge

The Gardens of the Museum invite you to stroll in the heart of a garden of scents, colors and flavors from all over the world. Discover the diversity of vegetable plants grown on different continents, with a swarm of shapes, blooms and vegetation.

All visits are included in the admission price.

Visite du Sentier oublié (30 min)

Visite du Sentier oublié

Visite de 30 min aux Jardins du Muséum à Borderouge Les branches mortes craquent sous vos chaussures, les jeunes feuilles vous chatouillent, les oiseaux s’appellent entre eux, bienvenue sur le Sentier oublié ! Ouvrez les yeux et les oreilles et découvrez le monde ingénieux des plantes et des animaux de ce coin de nature.Suivez le guide pour découvrir cet espace…

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Visite découverte des Potagers du monde (1h)

Visite Les Potagers du monde

Visite d’1h aux Jardins du Muséum à Borderouge Embarquez pour un voyage dépaysant : plus de 700 espèces de plantes alimentaires sont cultivées et exposées dans les potagers d’Asie, d’Afrique, d’Amérique, d’Europe et des Tropiques.Des potagers thématiques complètent la visite (sucreries, aromatiques, boissons…). Dates et horaires : Tous les jours…

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Useful information


The groups that can picnic on the site are those who have a reservation contract for this purpose.


How to come ?


Access to the Gardens of the Museum and the restaurant La Noria is facilitated for people with reduced mobility:

  • Entrance by the impasse Pailleron. 4 dedicated parking spaces are available.
  • Drop-off possible near the site entrance.
  • Access ramp for people using wheelchairs or walkers.